To rent a Hurdy Gurdy has a lots of advantages. With a small investment it allows you to familiarise yourself with a particular instrument before choosing the right one from the multitude of sounds, ergonomics and options the instrument makers are able to offer.


Hurdy Gurdy is a complex mechanical instrument. Vibrating axle, eccentric wheel, string pressure on the wheel, keys movement, etc. many problems could affect the normal use of the Hurdy Gurdy. A well adjusted instrument will always give you the most pleasure!


As with any wooden instrument it is often possible to change almost all the broken parts in order to restore the instrument to its full glory. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.


Many modifications can be added to a Hurdy Gurdy such as mechanical pegs, capos, amplification, etc. in order to make easier a solo or a ensemble playing.

Please contact me for further information.