This instrument is both ergonomic and stable, it has also a rich and wide-ranging acoustic.

This model is comfortable to play thanks to a sleek lute back and thick keys. The metal tangents, adjustable bridge, Gotoh guitar peg head and metal strings provide the musician with precision and ease of tuning.

A technical Hurdy Gurdy for demanding players.


  • Scale length 36cm

  • 5 strings (2 melody strings, 2 drones, 1 trompette)

  • Chromatic keyboard 25 keys (2 octaves)

  • Height-adjustable melody string bridge

  • Adjustable drone bridges

  • Gotoh guitar pegs 1:16

  • Metal tangents

  • Including liquid rosin, cotton and belt with strap lock


  • 3rd melody string

  • 2nd trompette

  • 3rd drone

  • Sympathetic strings

  • Capos on trompette or drone

  • Amplification 1 channel or 3 channels


  • Fusion bag

  • Luxbag bag